My Unexpected Adventure with a Brain Tumor–Part 18 (Celebrating Milestones)

Recovering from brain surgery is a long process and different for each individual.  We will all value different milestones.  I think it’s REALLY important to celebrate each milestone, no matter how big or small.   They could come daily.  They could come weekly or monthly.  Or yearly.   I suggest making a point of being grateful for each one.   The first time I tried to do anything post-op it felt weird, even trying to write or type.  I could do it, but I was way less coordinated than I expected.  So, as I kept practicing and got better, I celebrated feeling like I was as proficient as I used to be.  I was thrilled to be able to walk my first mile up and down my own road, thrilled to have my first glass of wine, thrilled to be able to read and watch TV, thrilled to have my first beach walk and trail hike.   I was especially thrilled to wear my most favorite boots once my balance was good enough.  🙂


I was thrilled to feel like I could set some goals, like running a marathon, even if it’s a year or more away.  I was thrilled to make progress in my Wii Fit balance progress, when I was *rudely* told by the Wii that “balance isn’t my thing, is it?”  (I’ll have you know I went from “novice” to “professional” in two days.  Take that, Wii Fit!)  I was thrilled to finally start the blog that I’ve been meaning to start for years…

If you’re someone with brain surgery on the horizon or in your recent past, or if you’re not, I think you’ll find that celebrating anything in your day, big or small, is one of the keys to happiness.  Why not?








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